September 26, 2016

What's Going on in Your Community?

Glenora Newsletter Coming Soon

The Glenora Community Newsletter will be showing up in your mailbox shortly. Keep an eye out for this update on your community and local events.

Glenora Community League AGM

November 9th at 7:00 at Glenora community league

The Glenora Community League is holding its annual general meeting on November 9th. All are welcome.

Mature Neighbourhood Overlay Review

Friday, November 4th

Share your feedback by completing the most recent Mature Neighbourhood Overlay (MNO) Proposed Regulations Survey (MNO) by Friday, November 4, 2016.

Your feedback will provide City staff with the insight needed to finalize the changes to the Mature Neighbourhood Overlay, before advancing the final draft to City Council's Urban Planning Committee.

The project team looks forward to learning about your views!

New 102 Avenue Bike Route

A bike route on 102 Avenue from 136 Street to the 102 Avenue Bridge over Groat Road has recently completed. You will see road markings, signs, and signals which haven’t been used in Edmonton before.

This brochure covers what to keep in mind when biking, walking, or driving near the new route: What’s New to 102 Avenue

What’s Next? This is the first section of the planned 102 Avenue bike route which will continue east next year.

Learn more:

  • Visit our bike street team at the 124 Street Farmers market on September 29
  • Subscribe to bike route email updates
  • Email with question


Stay Connected with Your Community

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