September 26, 2016

The Abundant Community Initiative at a glance…

The purpose of The Abundant Community Initiative…

is to advance the development of neighbourhood well-being in Edmonton neighbourhoods following the principles and practices recommended by Peter Block and John McKnight in their book The Abundant Community.


  • Your ideas about the neighbourhood joining other ideas to help our Community League lead into the future.
  • Finding others in the neighbourhood who also enjoy what you or your kids do (e.g. ball hockey, walking, guitar, knitting, stamping, etc.).
  • Using your abilities to – care for seniors, garden, coach, babysit, etc. – in order to help each other out and make our neighbourhood an even better place to live!

At the heart of the Initiative…

  • is a neighbour or two on each block who will initiate a casual conversation with each household on their block/cul-de-sac/building floor, about their:
  • Vision for their neighbourhood,
  • Activities and interests that they can do together, and the
  • Skills, gifts or abilities they are willing to share with their neighbours or the whole neighbourhood.

The process…

  • Work with community leagues or community groups/organizations to hire a Connector Coordinator who will:
  • Identify, enlist and organize approximately 50 Block Connectors,
  • Facilitate and encourage the Block Connector’s conversation process, and
  • Collate/group the information from the conversations on behalf of the neighbourhood and the organizing community league or community group/organization.

The benefits…

  • Initiates a momentum of household connection within each block/cul-de-sac/building floor and the neighbourhood.
  • Shapes neighbourhood life according to residents’ vision of their neighbourhood.
  • Facilitates relationships through the formation of new groups/associations of shared interests within the neighbourhood.
  • Connects the gifts, skills and abilities of neighbours to other neighbours and the neighbourhood.
  • Connects block/cul-de-sac/building floor neighbours together through a relationship with their Block Connector.

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