September 26, 2016

Consider a Block Party

Did you know that this Friday is a High of 22 and Saturday is a high of 21 degrees? This may be the perfect opportunity to have a block party on your block for the weekend and have a shared thanks giving!  And you never know who might show up like in this wonderful story where a mysterious neighbour decides to make an appearance at a block party: Jack White Showed Up at a Neighborhood Potluck and Nobody Knew Who He Was

From  City of Edmonton’s famous online “Block Party Kit”:

A neighbourhood block party is the opportunity for neighbours to get together, meet each other, have fun and maybe work together on a common activity.


1. To have fun- no excuses or reasons are needed to celebrate.

2. To provide an opportunity to know your neighbours and where they live.

3. To establish friendships.

4. To increase that sense of belonging to a community.

5. To meet neighbours on your block that might be able to help you with a gardening problem, or lend you that needed ingredient for your recipe.

6. To encourage neighbours to look after the neighbourhood.

7. To help with safety/crime prevention by knowing who lives where and who does not.

8. To increase security by knowing each other's schedules.

9. To learn a little about each other and know who might need a little extra help from time to time.

10. To develop an opportunity to meet some of the old time neighbours and learn about your community history.

For more info: Abundant community facebook page