September 26, 2016

Glenora News is Seeking You!

As the new Editor I thought it might be fun to shift the perspective slightly and have the newsletter written by the people of Glenora. So ....

Glenora News is seeking you to become a writer or reporter in our community newsletter/paper. I/We would like you to participate in the writing of this paper by sharing news and noteworthy happenings in the neighbourhood, (events may be current or historical), they may also include Green Shack Program, poetry,  family or community stories (fiction or non-fiction), information about our local businesses and individual or family talents and activities.  

We are asking the young and older (any age) to participate to create a newspaper that is relevant to you and your family.  

Please include pictures as these also tell stories and are often worth more than 1000 words.  
Please send your recipes, stories,  comings and goings and stories to and let's continue to share what makes Glenora a great community. 

   Together we are Glenora, separate we are just neighbours!

If you are also interested in advertising with Glenora News please visit the Glenora Community League website for rates and details:

Linda McFalls
Editor, Glenora News
Communications Print Director
Glenora Community League


The Glenora Community League sends out a monthly e-newsletter the last week of the month.
If you are a member and find that are not receiving it, check your spam folder for and report it to your email provider as NOT SPAM. It should then be found in your inbox.

If you are not on the list an wish to be end an email to with the Subject Line Add to Newsletter List and you will be added for the next broadcast.