September 26, 2016



On March 16, 2015, during the installation of girders on the 102 Avenue Bridge over Groat Road three steel girders buckled.

The results of a preliminary investigation suggest the buckling was the result of the subcontractor responsible for installing the girders misinterpreting the precise bracing requirements between the last four girders. The spacing braces failed upon crane release of the second last girder, resulting in the buckling of three girders.   

Graham Group subcontracted the girder installation to a firm involved in this type of work for over 40 years and is considered a leading Canadian subcontractor in this field. The bridge structure for this project required a unique, project-specific procedure in order to lift and place the girders.  

The three girders were removed and have been repaired off-site using heat straightening. The repaired girders passed all required quality tests/inspections and were accepted by the engineer of record for reinstallation. The removed girders have been reinstalled and the bridge structure has been approved and deemed safe to resume construction.  

All of the documentation on the repair work and ongoing construction has been reviewed not only by the contractor’s engineering team but also the third-party engineers and the City staff overseeing the project. Ongoing construction for the project is now back to being managed by the Engineer of Record and City

A construction acceleration plan has been developed and bridge work continues with extended hours and multiple shifts through this construction season.       

The timeline remains consistent with the previous update, with the project scheduled to be complete in late summer/early fall 2016. The goal will be to open the bridge to traffic during the finalization of construction, which will be subject to weather conditions. We will provide an update when we have additional details on opening plans.